Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another one done, squared

President Fillmore completed.

Took a few days longer than I expected too. I suppose I got lazy.
President Fillmore is an interesting one in some (weird) respects. Whenever he's mentioned I always think of the Simpsons as he was one of the 'Mediocre' Presidents.

Not sure I'd call him mediocre though. Second Vice-President to ascend to the oval office, last President who was a member of the Whig party. Amazingly for a sitting President he failed to gain the party's nomination for the 1852 election.

He also ran in 1856 for the so called "Know nothing" party. Love that.

Unfortnately, I suppose, he was really mixed up in the slavery problems, especially with the various compromises that seemed to do more harm than good.

Still, he started the Whitehouse Library and sent Commodore Perry to Japan. There's a couple of good things. :)

On to different endevours. Went on a 20 minute ride today, ok, 18.5 minutes :) This time I just rode the local streets, covering around 6.5 km. I forgot that cars were so much 'fun'. But being the weekend I was worried that the track would be being used for a race, so I decided not to go down there and see. To be honest it also saves around 30 minutes total travel time getting there and back again and the kiddies weren't behaving the best.

Little bit of leg and knee soreness. Need to build them up a bit :)

Oh yes, the bike. Stole this pici from their website :)

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