Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to my ramblings and suff: Redwork

A long, long time ago
in a galaxy that you are probably familiar with

Going back a few years ago now, I was working in a Patchwork and Quilting type shop and ran across a book on redwork embroidery. Can't remember what it was called now, but it was a kind of historical thing with some traditional patterns in it.

I thought it looked pretty cool and wanted to tr it but the patterns were all a little 'girly'.

Anyway, after a few months and some fiddling around with ship patterns and some terrible Napoleon things I picked up one of the wholesaler's catalogues and discovered a book called: Presidential Redwork, A stitch in time and thought I have to have this.

It contains redwork embroidery patterns for all the then presidents, and some other nostelgia things.
That would have been about 2002 or 2003, I remember that Goerge W Bush had only recently been elected and that his pattern was an insert in the book.

So I came up with a layout and started doing it.
An 8 by 7 grid comprising of 43 Presidents (Actually, 42. I started before Obama came onto the scene and have decided not to add him, but since Grover Cleveland was president on two seperate occasions I'm doing him twice), 7 normal sized nostelgia blocks (1 per row), and 2 specials that together count as 6 blocks for 56 total.

I'll post photo's later, and hopefully I'll get lots done while watching Le Tour.
Luv me my TDF :)

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