Thursday, July 8, 2010

Block done

Well I've finished another block. Actually, I started it when I started the blog I started President Franklin Pierce, who I have now finished in record time (for me)

President Pierce, despite winning in a landslide turned into an extreemly unpopular president who was dumped by his own party, partly for being a northener who supported slavery.

Actually, am I the only person who immediately thinks of Hawkeye from MASH whenever president Pierces name comes up? Hope not.

Hard to picture him as a soldier actually, but like a lot of early presidents, it seems, he was also a general during some war or another. The one against Mexico in this case. Also a lawyer, from what wikipedia says it sounds like he was a good one.

President Fillmore next, whom I'm hoping to have finished before Le Tour hits the mountains.
World class cycling, great for sewing too :)

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